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7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare down!!!

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Blizzcon 2014: Songhammer and the Mighty Chris Metzen! Here for YOUR protection!!!

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91.9 KVCR | Learn Something New Every Day

Listen tonight to hear Songhammer’s Epic NPR segment on KVC-Arts! It will be airing at 6:00pm, TONIGHT, Sunday 9/18/16!!! Listen Live here!!..

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Songhammer's cover photo

“Space is just a vast place to fill with EPIC ROCK!” -Songhammer- Buy and listen to Songhammer music at

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LA Cosplay Con: WAR - Nerds Like US vs SONGHAMMER

TBT: Remember that one time when Songhammer rap battled the Grand Master Bernie Bregman – MC/Host/Cosplay, of Nerds Like Us? It was awesome…

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